After being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and being told to purchase a CPAP machine you might do a little research into why you really need a CPAP machine and what it actually is. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. The reason why you might need a CPAP machine is because while you sleep you have trouble breathing properly and don’t have enough of the needed air pressure going in or out.

When looking for the best CPAP machines you might wonder what is the best CPAP machine on the market and how do I know what one is the right one for me. Some of the best rated CPAP machines on the market come from the REMstar Pro CPAP machine line. Here are just a few of the different machines that they offer.

The REMstar Pro M Series and the REMstar Pro C-flex have the optional integrated humidifier and a smart card feature. This new addition of smart card options help give you the enhanced compliance reports and the reads needed to record and report the elevated leak levels snoring pattern. The optional humidifier helps change the temperature and cleanliness of the air that you are breathing. The reason why the humidifier is optional is because you can attach and detach it easily from the CPAP machine, making it custom fit to you.

The Respironics REMstar Pro M Series is a very versatile CPAP machine. The newer designs make them more convenient for travel even with the optional humidifier. The new travel case has a nice, compact and sleek look. There are also optional travel accessories so going to visit family and friends is no big deal.

With very flexiable technology, these CPAP machines help maintain a healthy pattern of therapy at a lower pressure. If you are new to using CPAP equipment then the flex feature is something you should look into. This helps provide airflow at the right pressure relief for every breath you make. This makes it easier for one to transition into CPAP therapy. You can find out more information about the REMstar Pro M Series Manual online.

The new REMstar Pro 2 helps make your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapy easier to control and manage. It provides the same comfort as the other technology options previously discussed, but it also captures data in an easy viewing option. You need to be OSA compliant in order for the CPAP machine to do its job properly, making it so you can get a good night sleep.

Storing data with the Encore feature is a new plus with these CPAP machines, giving it on board memory at your fingertips. The means it can store the information to a memory card and can be read in any card reader. You can even view your own information on your computer at home. You can view it weekly or monthly and it helps identify any condition in a color coded report.

The new Respironics REMstar Pro C-flex Plus takes a new approach to the sleep management process. There are new features like the resistance control and easy data management reporting. It provides a new flow based style of pressure relief when it begins exhalation. That means it helps soften the pressure when it transfers from inhaling to exhaling. The upgraded management helps report on a daily basis what is going on while you sleep. It can hold the information in its system for up to a year.

The CPAP REMstar Pro C-Flex Plus helps provide an optimum level of comfort. It controls the humidity and the resistance, which helps each person to achieve their individual therapy. With each machine, you get relevant information, so it can make adjustments instantly to the machine, helping make the flow more effective while you sleep. It also comes with a carry case, memory card, manuals and the Respironics Performance Tubing. The humidity control helps manage rain-out, which is when the machine builds up condensation. It gages the surrounding temperature and with the person airflow it will relieve the humidity in the mask.

The Respironics REMstar Pro has made new advances with their detection algorithm so it will now include information on periodic breathing, snoring, respiratory issues, when it has a leak and when the airway becomes obstructed. With this it makes it easier for your sleep therapist to fine the best solution for your sleeping issues. Before this technology they had to use a specialized card reader and now it just goes to the SD card which is easy to transport.

To find the best CPAP machine on the market then do your research. Read the reviews not just from companies but from actual users like yourself. You will see why we choose the REMstar products when you start reading user reviews. They have a machine out there to fit everyone’s need and every budget.


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