One part of dealing with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea is also learning how to tolerate the treatment for this disorder. In most cases, depending on the severity of the sleep apnea, the first line of treatment would be that of a CPAP machine. CPAP machines provide continuous positive air pressure throughout the night. It is this pressure that can help to keep the airways open and to prevent breathing from stopping. While CPAP therapy has worked for many people and in fact is often the first form of treatment there is still one major issue. That issue is finding the best CPAP masks that not only are comfortable but also provide the right amount of treatment.

It often takes people a little while to adjust to having to sleep with a mask on their face. Some people are able to tolerate it faster than others and some people just never seem to be able to deal with having to wear a mask at night. One reason that people often find the masks to be bothersome when the sleep is the potential for the seal on the mask to break. In order to achieve the best CPAP results a seal needs to be formed. This is often done by having the best CPAP masks possible for your face size. If the mask does not fit properly, a leak can occur. The leak can result to some skin irritations and this is the reason why many people will resort to taking off the mask at some point during the night. In order to ensure this does not happen one should take some time and find the best cpap masks.

How to determine what the best CPAP mask for you

There are many things to consider when choosing a CPAP mask. The first thing that you should consider is the position that you often sleep in. Do you fall asleep on your back and stay there for the majority of the night? Do you sleep on your side? Maybe you toss and turn all night long? Whatever the case may be in order to find the best full face CPAP mask your sleeping habits need to be identified. The reason for this is to help ensure that you find a mask that meets your sleeping habits. Some masks are designed for people who toss and turn a lot and others are designed for those who can stay in one spot all night.

For those of you who sleep on your side, you will want to spend some time looking for the best CPAP masks for side sleepers. Sleeping on your side is probably one of the most common sleep positions however for those with sleep apnea and needing to wear a mask, this can become an issue. If the mask is not designed for people who sleep on the side there is a great chance that the seal can become lose during the night. Once the seal is loose the chances of being woken up during the night greatly increases. Talk with your medical doctor or read some online reviews and determine what the best CPAP mask is for side sleepers.

If you are unsure of what mask will work best for your sleep habits consider trying a few different ones. The key to treatment is finding a mask that is tolerable for you and that will allow you fall asleep and stay asleep. They make CPAP masks for every type of sleeper and there are even some places that you can find out about some of the best CPAP mask for mouth breathers. If you spend a little time doing some online searching and reading different reviews, you will often find the best CPAP masks for you. Always keep in mind that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for you.

When it comes to finding the best CPAP mask what better way is there then to read real reviews of people who have tried the same mask. If you feel more comfortable you can speak with your healthcare provider to gain the latest information on the best CPAP masks that are out there.

It is important to find the right mask. The right mask will help keep you compliant with your CPAP treatment and can help you stay asleep throughout the night.

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