CPAP mask liners are a small and soft barrier that is placed between the mask and the skin. For people who have to wear a mask when they sleep to help treat various sleep disorders, these CPAP mask liners can be a blessing. CPAP mask liners are absorbent and designed to help reduce or eliminate skin irritations that can be caused from a leaky mask, pressure points and other side effects that can result from having to wear a mask as part of your CPAP therapy. These have been designed to help keep patients compliant with the CPAP therapy.

It has been reported that most people, over 65 percent, will often remove their mask during the night. This often due to the fact that there are experiencing some level of discomfort. The most commonly reported cause of non-compliance is often due to skin irritations left by wearing a full face mask. CPAP mask liners can help eliminate all the common skin irritations and allow one to become more compliant with their CPAP therapy.

Benefits of CPAP mask liners

CPAP mask liners not only add a level of protection to one’s skin they also provide a numerous amount of other benefits. All of these benefits are aimed at making one more comfortable. Here are just some of the benefits that one can expect when they use CPAP mask liners:

  • CPAP mask liners can greatly reduce or eliminate noise as well as air leaks. By using these liners the amount of noise that is heard from the machine is greatly reduced allowing both you and your bed partner to get good night’s sleep. These CPAP mask liners are also designed to stop air leaks from happening. Air leaks are the number one cause of skin rashes and irritations.
  • Often times when wearing a full face CPAP mask, people will report that their skin feels dry. With the use of CPAP mask liners one can expect to have softer and smoother skin. This is due to the fact that CPAP mask liners were designed to help absorb the natural facial oils and moisture. This can help to prevent dry skin from happening in the first place.
  • Comfort- CPAP mask liners provide a level of comfort that will ensure a good night’s sleep. Since these liners are soft one can easily fall asleep. The CPAP mask liners act as a very soft cushion between your skin and the silicone parts of your mask. People how have been using CPAP mask liners often report feeling as if the mask is not even there. Comfort is critical in ensuring that one stays compliant with the CPAP therapy.

CPAP mask liners can help to finally allow you to get the rest that you need. These CPAP mask liners are available at local stores near you or can purchase them online from various different retailers. Go ahead and give CPAP mask liners a try. There is a great chance that you and your partner will both be sleeping soundly.

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