There are many portable CPAP machines on the market. The portable CPAP machines make it easy to travel and they are light weight and extremely durable. The most common portable CPAP machine is the BreathX CPAP machine because it makes it easy to travel with. It is a portable battery powered CPAP machine that is new on the market.

BreathX is the CPAP machine that you wear! It has the latest technology where it uses no power cord going to the machine from the wall. There is nothing taking up your nightstand because you can wear the BreathX CPAP machine. The battery that powers the machine can last up to two nights (or eleven hours) before you have to recharge it. This is great for someone who is constantly traveling or someone who moves a lot when they sleep.

The BreathX CPAP machine is formed to look like a pillow made for the neck, like the ones you see people using on the airplanes. You finally don’t have to always sleep on your back. You can wear it; place it beside you, or even over you if you prefer. You are able to find whatever position works for you!

BreathX is placed near you so you can do away with the regular 6-ft tube that is so commnly used with every other machine. You don’t have to pull or yank or get tangled in your tube any longer. If you move then it moves with you and you can wear the mask that you are already accustomed to because the BreathX can use most CPAP mask that are out there. It is extremely quiet so it won’t keep you or others awake. It’s small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage and has a battery that last longer than most portable battery powered CPAP machines.

BreathX is the first entirely battery powered CPAP machine. This has made a lot of people happy because now it makes it easier for them to travel or go outdoors or go on an overnight boating trip. You don’t need to stress about having to plug in your CPAP machine for at least one or two nights. It is also a positive addition if you find you get out of bed a lot at night. You can put it on and walk around the house with it without have to adjust something when you get back into bed.

The BreathX has a lithium ion battery which is proven to last longer than other batteries. This is like the ones that are used in laptops, ipods or digital cameras.

Other reasons to use battery powered CPAP machines is that you might live in an area that has excess power outages and you need to be able to rely on your CPAP machine to get a good night sleep. Or you might live in an area where it storms a lot so you need to be able to find a machine that you can rely on. Also this is another way to get out and do what you enjoyed to do before you had to start wearing a CPAP machine. You can now go camping or take an overnight flight because you’ll be able to sleep on the plane easier.

There are so many choices when it comes to portable CPAP machines. If you really like your current CPAP machine then you can change your old CPAP machine by getting an adapter to change the power source. Or you can purchase an inverter which uses a 12 volt electric outlet, like a cigarette lighter in the car. You just connect the cord you already have to the inverter and then you plug the inverter into the 12 volt outlet.

You can always research which portable CPAP machine would work best for you. You have to figure out how often you would need to charge the battery or if you will be traveling with the CPAP machine.

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