Are you looking for a new CPAP mask? Have you found yourself a bit confused about all the different styles and types of Resmed CPAP masks that are available? The first thing that one will need to consider is the type of mask that the wish to you. Generally speaking there are three main types of masks. These are a full face mask, a nasal prong or mask, or a mask that provides the least of contact with your face. Your medical doctor can help you choose the right style for your sleep apnea needs. It is all very important to ensure that all masks fit your face properly. Not all masks will always be the same size and this is why it is critical to try on masks to ensure a proper seal. Resmed CPAP masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there is bound to one that works best for your sleep disorder needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common Resmed CPAP masks.

The most common full faced Resmed CPAP masks

Full face masks are often the most common type of CPAP mask that is used for CPAP therapy. These masks will cover the mouth and nose area and create a seal. This seal is important and in order to get the maximum benefit of CPAP therapy there can no leaks from the seal. Leaks can also cause skin irritation and sores and can make one uncomfortable. The Resmed CPAP masks are designed with both comfort and seal protection in mind. The Quattro mask is one of the most popular of the Resmed CPAP masks and is made for both men and women. This mask in particular is also designed to be more lightweight to help ensure a higher level of comfort. Studies have shown that more often than not people who are undergoing CPAP therapy will often take the mask off during the night due to some level of discomfort. One of the biggest causes of discomfort is the mask slipping off or the seal becoming broken. Resmed CPAP masks are designed to stay in place and to help keep the seal closed at all times. Even for those people who toss and turn can now rely on Resmed CPAP masks.

Nasal Resmed CPAP masks

Nasal masks are another option for CPAP therapy. These are often more lightweight and cover less of the facial area. For people who often get the feeling of claustrophia these nasal masks may be the best choice. Nasal masks will generally come in two different styles. The first being what is commonly known as a nasal pillow.

Nasal pillows are the ideal choice for people who need a mask that is less obtrusive. People who need to wear glasses often find that the nasal pillows are more comfortable for them. Another benefit of the nasal pillow Resmed CPAP masks is that due to the lightweight design it often means less tugging and pulling on the hoses. This can help to ensure a deeper quality of sleep and can also help to keep patients more compliant with the CPAP therapy. Some of the best sellers of the nasal Resmed CPAP masks include the Swift FX series.

Lastly there are the vented nasal Resmed CPAP masks. These CPAP masks are designed with comfort in mind as well. These masks consist of 4 parts and are made for both men and women. The most popular of the nasal masks from Resmed is that of the Mirage Series. As a whole the Mirage series features soft contoured edges that help align with the face, are flexible, provide mask support so that it does not shift during sleep and are lightweight.

Resmed CPAP masks are well known to take comfort seriously. All Resmed CPAP masks will be able to provide one with the comfort they need to get a good night’s sleep as well as get the CPAP therapy that they need. Always remember to try on any mask prior to making the purchase as a mask that does not fit will not provide you with therapy that you need. Your healthcare provider can help you with making the choices when it comes to finding the best Resmed CPAP masks for your sleep disorder needs.

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