There are many choices when it comes to a CPAP mask. One of the leading manufactures in masking mask designed to help with sleep apnea is that of Respironics. Many people have chosen to use Respironics CPAP masks due to the wide diversity of masks as well as the comfort factor that these masks offer. A CPAP mask is designed to help manage and control sleep apnea so that one may be able to get the sleep they need. Sleep apnea if not controlled properly can lead to some long term serious medical complications. The use of Respironics CPAP masks can greatly diminish the chances of developing long term medical issues. Respironics CPAP masks are used to treat moderate to severe forms of sleep apnea and do require a prescription from your health care provider.

Respironics CPAP masks are made in 4 different styles. These are nasal masks, full face masks, minimal contact masks and pediatric masks. Your health care professional will determine which mask is right for your needs. Sometimes a patient will have to try several different masks in order to find the perfect fit and the one that provides the highest level of comfort while delivering the right amount of air pressure. It may be trial and error however your medical care provider can offer you guidance if you find that the Respironics CPAP masks are providing you with a level of discomfort.

The nasal masks from Respironics come in a few different models. There are 8 different models of the nasal Respironics CPAP masks to choose from. All of the nasal masks are designed to provide maximum comfort and use the latest in technology to provide the highest level of success. Most of these masks will contain a comfort gel that helps to ensure the seal is always closed and also provides a high level of stability. This is great for those people who toss and turn in their sleep. With the comfort gels from the Respironics CPAP masks one can get the sleep they need and not have to worry about the mask falling off or being pushed out of place even if they move around in their sleep. Another great benefit of the Respironics CPAP masks is that the ports where the air comes in and out of are designed to be as quiet as possible. The air is also redirected away from your bed partner.

The full face mask as well as the minimal contact masks also come in a few different models. All of the Respironics CPAP masks are designed with the highest quality of materials that will help to keep your sleep apnea under control. In fact, many people will report finally being able to sleep through the night while using any of the Respironics CPAP masks. No matter which mask you choose you can rest assured that your sleep apnea needs will be met. If you need to travel a lot there are also portable and travel CPAP machines that are available. Finally, getting the sleep you need to be productive the next day is right around the corner thanks to the Respironics CPAP masks.

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