People who have moderate to severe sleep apnea, as well as certain other medical and sleep disorders, may be told that they will need to wear a mask to help regulate their breathing while they sleep. At first the idea of having to tolerate a mask on one’s face can seem like an impossible task. However there is some good news and there are now many CPAP masks on the market that are designed to be as light as feather and to help get you the proper sleep you need. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where one will often stop breathing numerous times throughout the night. This results on one waking numerous times as well which will lead to not getting a sound sleep. There is no doubt that getting a sound sleep is needed in order to maintain optimal health. The use of CPAP machines is designed to help treat sleep apnea. The problem that many people find is dealing with finding a mask that fits them properly and also is as light as possible. Many masks can create leaks if one tosses and turns a lot during the night. Some people also find that the pressure of having a mask on their face is too uncomfortable. While other people have complained that CPAP masks tend to leak too much air as the night progress. So how is a person with sleep apnea supposed to get the treatment they need as well as the sleep that their body craves? The answer to that problem can be found in the Sleepweaver CPAP mask.

What is the Sleepweaver CPAP mask

The SleepWeaver CPAP mask is a new type of CPAP mask. The Sleepweaver CPAP mask is made of all cloth and due to this fact alone this mask often produces a higher level of comfort from traditional CPAP masks. Aside from the mask being made with pure cotton another major difference is that the Sleepweaver CPAP mask works more like a balloon. The mask will gently inflate and by doing so creates a seal around your mouth and nose ( depending on the mask you are using). This technology prevents air from leaking out. The SleepWeaver CPAP mask was designed with comfort in mind.

Traditional CPAP masks will often have straps, clasps and other devices that are designed to help hold the mask in place. Since the Sleepweaver CPAP mask is designed to inflate like a balloon all the other straps are no longer needed. Once again this adds to the overall comfort. Research has shown that if people are comfortable with the mask they are wearing they will have a much higher chance of allowing the treatment to work all night long. The same studies have shown that more than 60 percent of people who are using some form of CPAP therapy will often take their mask off after 4 hours of wearing it. In order to get the optimal level of treatment doctors will recommend that the CPAP mask be worn the entire night. This is now possible the with the new Sleepweaver CPAP mask.

The SleepWeaver CPAP mask is designed for both men and women. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and need to have CPAP therapy consider looking into the Sleepweaver CPAP mask.

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